Portfolio Management

Managing Your Portfolio, Reinforcing Your Goals

By leveraging a disciplined investment process, you receive transparency of information, seamless proactive service and the trust and accountability you need to meet your financial objectives. Your Wealth Advisor works with the Investment Committee to manage your portfolio daily. While working with the Wealth Enhancement Group, your Wealth Advisor builds out your model and continually evaluates your portfolio in order to achieve your goals.

We’ve termed our holistic process for managing portfolios our RICH Process. RICH stands for Relationship, Inspire, Compose A Plan, and Hold Accountable. The RICH Process is what allows us to develop your Family Index Number.

Allocating Resources to Protect You

As investment analyst Louise Yamada said, “There are two kinds of losses. A loss of capital and a loss of opportunity; but there will always be another opportunity if you protect capital.” We are very conscious of trying to protect your money during times of anticipated negative volatility. That way, we’ll have capital to invest when new opportunities arise. We believe this partnership will help maximize your investment results while offering the personalized service you’ve come to expect.

Promoting Investor Transparency

MAG Wealth Management sets new standards for providing transparency to our clients. We’re confident you will enjoy the access to and industry leading, timely information through:

  • Investment Strategies: Clients have full and open access to all portfolio investment strategies, investment holdings and all trading and investment decisions.
  • Morning Investment Calls: Clients have the opportunity to participate in daily meetings with MAG Wealth Management’s executive and investment management teams.
  • Investment Actions: Clients have access to detailed trade notes, research reports of key holdings and information on the big picture of investing themes.

Strategy Selection