5 SMART Tips for Your Wealth and Wellness

Yes, it’s fall…already! Time is such a precious commodity, so make sure you are making the most of it you’re granted. I recently returned from a trip to Estes Park and Rocky Mountain National Park with my sisters- time well spent! We are making memories that will last a lifetime and continue to bond with each other in ways that can’t be duplicated without spending time together!


Time is a precious commodity, as well as our wellness and wealth. Our health and money have many similarities as far as how to make the most of each of them. Taking time to focus on these two areas of your overall life is time well spent.

I’m sure many of you reading this have had thoughts similar to this. So, I started that new diet this spring, fell off a few times, tried to get back on track, got invited to an awesome ladies night out where I couldn’t resist the appetizers, and then eventually gave it up. Same thing with my finances- at the beginning of 2017, I set my budget along with my savings goals…then, I went on a shopping trip with my best friend and I saw that adorable dress I couldn’t live with out, and then the shoes that went with it, and then that amazing accent piece to place on my end table, and then…and then… Need I say more?

Is it too late this year to get back on track with my wellness and wealth? ABSOLUTELY NOT! The best advice I can give on both areas is to make sure you set out to accomplish something that is SMART: Sustainable/Specific; Measurable; Attainable/Actionable/Achievable; Reasonable/Relevant; Trackable.

While I’m not an expert on wellness, I certainly have established credibility with helping my clients manage their wealth. Making each of these areas of your life a priority will reap benefits for years to come. I’ve never had a client tell me they saved too much, and I don’t recall ever hearing anyone say they were too healthy.

Here are SMART tips I want to share with you:


Be Specific about the amount of your income that goes into your retirement plan. Or maybe you’re saving for a specific purchase; determine steps to get to the amount needed.  The same goes with your wellness- make your diet one that is sustainable.


Should you be saving 6%, 9%, 16%? Work with your financial advisor in putting together your personalized game plan and know what you need to be doing to accomplish your goals. Wellness- how much weight do you want to lose? Do you have a certain dress size you want to wear? Measuring the amount of food you consume is the first step.


We all know that a person can’t wake up, decide you would like to run a marathon and then accomplish that in one day. Make sure you build yourself up to attain your financial goals, one step at a time. Automatically increase your monthly savings, increase your IRA contribution amounts, etc. Wellness – same theory – Don’t starve yourself. Don’t deprive yourself of all the foods you love all at once, etc.


On a scale of 1-10, how important is your financial health? Is it reasonable for you to plan and prepare for your financial future? With your wellness, no question- it’s very reasonable and relevant to take care of yourself for numerous reasons!


Sit down and determine how much money you need to save for a goal. Make it simple for you, and keep track of your progress. Work with a financial advisor that can offer exceptional advice on tracking your goals within specific time periods. For your wellness, how about making a daily food journal? Writing down and actually tracking what goes into your body will help to make yourself accountable to your goals.

Get started on accomplishing your wealth & wellness goals. Work with someone you trust that will keep your best interests at the forefront. Find a friend that will be your accountability partner. Plan ahead and know the steps you need to take to be healthy and wealthy- the positive impact will be immeasurable!

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